How to train elite dancers

There are specific things that I give to a dancer to support their day-to-day technical requirements. Dancers spend most of their time in the studio, dedicating themselves to their art. Ballet/dance is their real focus, and like any dancer, it is a daily struggle, and it takes its toll on the body. Pilates helps them to rectify the imbalances they tend to create in the studio.

For the dancer, it could be that they have just finished a hard class or a particularly difficult lead-up to a high-pressure competition and need to release and work through the tension in their bodies or that they’re in a rehearsal period and want to work hard to increase their strength and flexibility.

With teachers demanding daily perfection, Pilates allows dancers the space they need outside of the studio and outside of class to re-balance, release and re-connect.

“Pilates is the perfect marriage with ballet. The core strength with focus on alignment and length help to aid and enhance dancing.”

Pilates Unlimited offers private sessions and group classes for dancers. Kate, the owner of Pilates Unlimited, is an ex-professional dancer and understands the needs and wants of young dancers of today.

Kate has attended courses with the amazing Lisa Howell (The Ballet Blog) and Marie Walton Mahon Progressing Ballet Technique which focus on strength and conditioning for dancers. It is essential to understand ballet/dance to help dancers correctly and in a safe environment. Kate is very passionate about helping young dancers and currently works with many elite dancers and has seen amazing results.

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