Our Classes

Group Mat Classes

Our group mat classes are excellent. In a typical class you go through a floor routine, a series of continuous movements for every part of the body.

The aim with pilates is to incorporate the body, breath and mind through physical exercise to improve strength, flexibility, balance and suppleness.

Pilates focuses on maintaining a strong trunk and utilising the abdominal muscles as stabilisers while performing movement exercise sequences. Muscles are worked with control, through the prescribed movement sequence with many muscles working together.

Total Barre™

Pilates Unlimited is excited to offer the Total Barre™ program!

A high-energy program focusing on strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability.
The predominantly standing workouts are driven by music which, when used appropriately, has been proven to increase coordination, motivation and improve movement quality. Incorporating the Total Barre Foundational Principles, this program not only teaches choreography but pays particular attention to exercise essence and correct biomechanics of movement.

Total Barre integrates elements of Pilates, dance, cardio & strength training, and is fully expandable and adaptable to any client base. The possibilities are really endless!

Total Barre is done using a ballet barre and small equipment.

The Total barre classes are held at the Geebung location.

Studio Sessions

All private sessions take place in our private studio located at Shop 6/293 Ellison Rd, Geebung

Private Pilates

These one-on-one private instructions are ideal for those with specific conditions or that requires special knowledge. Also ideal if you need personalised attention, looking for better results from your group class, want to try  Pilates Equipment, recovering from an injury or returning from  maternity leave.

Semi-private sessions (2 people)

These instructions are popular with couples, mother/daughter or friends. This is a cost-effective way to work privately with an instructor on your needs and goals while enjoying some company.

All appointments and classes are subject to a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you fail to cancel prior to 24-hours in advance you will be charged for the full amount of the scheduled session.


Stretching is important to keep the body limber and flexible. Regular stretching done correctly can give you more freedom of movement, enabling you to do the things you like to do.

We work on increasing range of movement in the entire body with gentle stretches. We also do fascia stretching which has amazing benefits to the body.

  • Can you touch your toes?
  • Do you want longer leaner muscles?
  • Do you have back pain?
  • Do you want to look taller and stand straighter?
  • Do you run, swim or ride a lot?
  • Do you want to sleep better ?

Well if you can relate to these symptoms it’s time to learn to stretch correctly!!!
I look forward to seeing you at a stretching class soon. We have group and private stretching sessions.